• Multi-mixed Cocktail

  • Product Introduction

    The diversified development of baijiu towards youth, fashion and internationalization has become a trend. An innovative multi-mixed cocktail"Baidiao" made by Luzhou Laojiao as its strategic product was released to the world market officially in 2017, and it would become another hot product of Luzhou Laojiao chased by the young consumers.

    Packing characteristics

    Luzhou Laojiao hopes to showcase another “taste” of the traditional baijiu through the innovative multi-mixed product, so as to draw close the distance between baijiu and the youth and make baijiu more internationalized, which is an adaptation to the new trend of the supply-side structural reform of baijiu industry, represents the market orientation of China’s young generation in baijiu consumption, and also reflects the strategic international vision of Luzhou Laojiao.

  • Specification



    40% vol

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