• Ming niang

  • Product Introduction

    Luzhou Laojiao Health Care Baijiu Company is a subsidiary wholly owned by Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. that undertakes the mission of exploring the innovative development of China’s baijiu, becoming a green growth pole of Luzhou Laojiao for its core competitiveness.

    Packing characteristics

    Seizing the opportunity of massive health industry development, the company combines the traditional baijiu-making techniques with Chinese health culture and modern biotechnologies, and based on the six national technical platforms including the national solid fermentation engineering technology research center, has established an advanced scientific research team led by Shen Caihong, a Chinese baijiu-making master, and consisting mainly of national-level baijiu and wine juries and Ph.Ds.

    The company’s representative products include the Ming, Luzhou Laojiao Nutritious Grand Fermentation and Green Bean Grand Fermentation.

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